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Service & Support

Consulting Services

We are committed to quality and service, providing efficient and professional after-sales service to purchasers and working together to establish a stable and reliable home furnishings supply chain.

We offer diverse professional pre-sales consulting services, including style consultation, product design, and customized solution development.


Our chairs and other products can meet your customization needs. Please tell us what kind of product you need.

After Sales Support

7 * 12 online services, taking advantage of our professional knowledge, actively providing you with reliable after-sales support.

Safe Packing

As a furniture supplier, we place more emphasis on packaging than anyone else.

Each product is carefully wrapped in cling film before being placed in a box that is specifically designed for furniture exports. It is then wrapped in bubble wrap and filled to ensure stability.

Some furniture also has specialized fixtures to prevent movement during transport, ensuring the integrity of the furniture upon its arrival at its destination.


Our aim is to provide you with a fast and secure purchasing experience. Our company supports various modes of transportation such as sea, land and air freight, and we have many years of experience in import and export operations. We only work with professional transportation companies to ensure efficient, safe and on-time delivery of your goods.

We also offer online payment options such as Paypal and bank transfers, as well as professional institutions for remittance and payment collection, allowing you to complete transactions conveniently and swiftly. We also support various payment agreements such as T/T, D/P, L/C, etc.

You can freely choose the most suitable payment and shipping methods, and we will provide you with comprehensive, fast and professional procurement services.


1.What payment terms you accept, and usually do?

We usually accept and do T/T payment, 30% deposit in advance, and the balabce against thecopy of BL.  

2.Will you pack the goods with assembly instruction? Because wedon't know how to assemble them.

Yes, we put the assembly instuction into the package. lf you still don't know how to assemble, youmay contact us.

3.What's your MoQ, and do the price related the quantity?

Our MOQ for table is 50pcs, MOQ for chair is 200pcs(as appropriate). The price is different, if thequantity is different.

4.If we want sample, how much do we need to pay?

For sample, we usually charge retail price, and the transport fee should be pay by buyer. But don'tworry, we willreturn the price for sample when buyer place a big order.

5.lf we just want a trial order, not a full container, how to ship them, and what's the price?

if a order not a full cintainer, then goods need to be shipped LCL. lf you don't know how to deal.we can guote vou CIF price, and ship the goods to the designated port You can delivery goods atthe designated port.

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