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About Us

Twolf furniture Co.,ltd

We use the highest quality product to repay each of our customers, helping them design the perfect furniture. Everyone deserves a beautiful and comfortable home, and we are committed to achieving this goal.

High-quality product and high-quality after-sales service.

Twolf furniture Co.,ltd is the home furniture company which is the joint of trade and industry , including furniture production,research ,development ,marketing and after-service . Like chair , table, TV stand and coffee table . OEM /ODM is available .The factory is located in Hebei Province Langfang city , which is near Beijing City and Tianjin city . 

With over 15 years experience on trading and production . The unique design and competitive price of our products have allowed us to enjoy a substantial growth since the establishment, as well as to move forward in building worldwide recognized and promising future. Our exporting market has expanded to more than 50 countries and regions, including USA , Europe, Korea , South America, the Middle East etc. 

We will continue to work with passion, innovation and effort to provide our customers with superior quality and ideal design furniture at acceptable price.

Customers From All Over The World

Why Choose Us?

High-quality product pre-sales and after-sales services are the foundation of our cooperative factories.

Our professional sales team will escort you.

The company adheres to the principle of quality first and reputation first, and provides customers with high-quality and efficient services. It is our business philosophy to create high-quality brands, occupy the market, and retain the market with a good reputation and service. So we look forward to your great attention and support, sincerely seeking partners, sincere cooperation, common development, and writing a new chapter in the room furniture

High quality and advanced manufacturing technology

Excellent product design

Rich experience in import and export business

Professional customization and overall supporting needs

Quality assurance, competitive prices and more value

Strict quality assurance system, 24-hour service

Professional business team,reliable after-sales team